Software Product Development

C9 is an international IT software solutions company offering progressive end-to-end software development services. We are a team of highly skilled industry specialists that continually strive to improve and evolve, adopting new and innovative disciplines and methodologies, providing our clients with a competitive edge.

We base our knowledge on a comprehensive experience we got during the years of work.


To get your project done, here is what we do:

Step 1. Gather requirements

At this point, we have to be sure that have enough information to define all the deliverables and requirements for the project. We ask our clients to give us all the possible information needed for the project.

Step 2. Estimation and Backlog

After getting all the needed information, we deliver a project estimate based on the timeline, effort on deliverables and resources allocated. Then w build a backlog of deliverables with estimates

Step 3. Build a Dedicated Team

We assign our best-qualified developers to satisfy project requirements.

Step 4. Getting onboard

The team is almost ready. We choose preferred tools and business processes, define stand up schedule and communication channels.

Step 5. Deliver

Project kick-off and delivery using Agile project management best practices with regular showcases to the client.


Check the list of industries in which we have the experience of developing the high-end applications to meet the expectations of your customers.


Feel free to contact us at any time. In case you are uncertain if we are able to meet your technical needs ask us your questions. We will find means to comply with every customer request!


Engagement Models


Time and Materials

Fixed Price

If you chose this model, you pay a daily rate
for the work of our professionals
that is needed to get the project done.
Once we have received all the requirements
for the project then our team
can provide a fixed priced quote for the work.


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